Sunday, November 26, 2017

What can I do with my Library Barcode?

This week our Grade 4 - 8 students are receiving a sticker with their Library barcode information and their Halton District School Board login printed on it.  They are encouraged to put it in a safe spot.    Student's HDSB logins can be used to access a plethora of resources from the HDSB Elementary Internet Tools website.  Some of the highlights include the following:

-Google Apps for Education
-Britannica School
-Canadian Points of View
-Gale Power Search
-Jobs People Do
-PebbleGo Animals
-PebbleGo Social Studies
-Power Knowledge Earth & Space
-Power Knowledge Physical Science
-Power Knowledge Life Science
-Access Learning
-Naxos Music Library

Students can also use their HDSB Library barcode to access the HDSB Digital Library.  To learn more visit the Audiobooks/Ebooks section of our Library website.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Cann.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

FM Library Fall Update 2017

The FM Library is in full swing for the 2017-2018 school year. We have been learning how to take care of our books and how to keep our books organized in the Library by using our Magic Shelf Markers. Our Kindergarten to Grade 5 students have been enjoying their weekly scheduled Library visits and our Grade 6 - 8 students have completed their Library Orientation. Please encourage your child to return their Library materials in a timely manner. Here is our weekly Book Exchange schedule for your reference:

A huge thank you to our Library Volunteers this year: Mrs. Knight (Monday), Mrs. Chorpitta & Mrs. Baldock (Tuesday), Mrs. Hart (Wednesday), Mrs. Ang (Thursday), and Mrs. Lulich (Friday). We couldn't do all the great things we do without our wonderful parent volunteers. A huge thanks also goes out to all of our Birthday Books Club supporters. Thanks to your generosity, the FM Library has hundreds of additional books for FM students to enjoy.

The Library is open Monday to Friday during periods 1 and 2 for all students. The books have been flying of the shelves and we are excited to see everyone reading and enjoying our Library space. If you have any questions please send me a quick email ( or feel free to call the school. Thank you for your continued support as we encourage our students on their journey of learning.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Junior/Intermediate Summer Slammin’ Literacy Resources

Junior/Intermediate Summer Slammin’ Literacy Resources

Welcome to FM’s Summer Slammin’ List for suggested literacy resources.  Please set a literacy goal for yourself this summer and go for it!  All the following resources are available, for free, through the Halton District School Board and the Burlington Public Library.  Be sure to visit any Burlington Public Library branch to get a free BPL Library card before the summer starts.

Finding a great book to read can be a challenge.  Luckily, we can access Novelist through the Burlington Public Library.  Click the following link and enjoy the adventure of finding a great books:

Orca Book Publishers have a number of high interest, low-vocabulary titles that students of varying reading levels can enjoy.  Check out their website below:

Be sure to check out popular Orca Books by Eric Walters, Sigmund Brouwer and Ted Staunton.

Have a look at some of these popular Graphic novels:

Big Nate
Stephan Pastis
Studio Ghibli

Both the Halton District School and the Burlington Public Library have extensive audiobook and ebook collections through Overdrive.  Use your Library barcode numbers to access both:

Did you know more content can be accessed through the HDSB catalogue?  Just be sure to “Limit by” “ebook/audiobook” or “streaming video”.  Click here for more digital goodness:

Have fun accessing the HDSB’s Elementary Internet Tools all summer long.  Many great products can be accessed using your HDSB network login including:  
-Britannic School
-Pebblego Animals
-Pebblego Science

The Burlington Public Library also has a wide variety of online content that can be accessed using your BPL Library card through the BPL eContent page.  Some highlights include:

-Power Knowledge

Did you know that the Burlington Public Library has its very own streaming service?  Access movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and music 24/7.  Go to the BPL eContent page, scroll down to Hoopla, and sign up for your free account today using your BPL Library Card.

By Mrs. Stafford & Mr. Cann

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Freedom over me: Eleven slaves, their lives and dreams brought to life

February is Black History Month.  To commemorate the event, our Junior classes looked at "Freedom over me:  Eleven slaves, their lives and dreams brought to life" by Ashley Bryan.  "Freedom over me" is a collection of eleven different fictional stories that the author creates around the very real Fairchild's Estate Appraisement from 1828.  In the Appraisement, the prices of the estate slaves are listed alongside horses and handmills:  One Bay Mare $100, One Handmill $1, One Negro Man named Bacus $250.  In a very unique way, Ashley Bryan adds a very human face and story to the human property of the Fairchild's Estate.  Each story is divided into 2 parts: a fictional account of their life and their dreams for the future.  Vivid illustrations combine with compassionate accounts of real lives from a time when slave ownership was a reality.  "Freedom over me" is an exceptional work of children's literature and not to be missed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Finding Winnie: the true story of the world's most famous bear

Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick and illustrated by Sophie Blackall is the HDSB Reads selection for 2016.  Last week, during the week of Remembrance Day, our Grade 1 to 6 students had the chance to hear this very timely story.  Finding Winnie is essentially two stories in one. The first is the story of Captain Harry Colebourn, a veterinarian from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Harry enlists in the army to look after horses that are fighting in World War One.  On his was to the front, Harry’s train stops in White River, Ontario where he meets and purchases an adorable bear cub whom he subsequently names Winnie.  Winnie becomes the mascot for the Second Canadian Infantry Brigade. Eventually Harry realizes that the trenches are no place for Winnie and the London Zoo becomes Winnie’s adoptive home. The second story is the story of Christopher Robin Milne.  He meets Winnie for the first time at the London Zoo.  Christopher and Winnie develop a special relationship and it’s this relationship that is the inspiration for Christopher's father (A. A. Milne) to go on and write the Winnie the Pooh books. One of the most amazing parts of Finding Winnie is the photo album at the end of the story.  Pictures include Captain Harry Colebourn and his fellow soldiers, the Winnipeg statue of Harry and Winnie and even Christopher Robin in Winnie’s enclosure at the London Zoo feeding and hanging out with Winnie. Finding Winnie is the truly amazing true story behind Winnie the Pooh and is sure to be a favourite with young and old readers alike.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


The summer is just around the corner.  Keeping your brain in shape is just as important as going outside and enjoying the outdoors.  Here is our yearly roundup of reading ideas to help get you through the summer so that you are ready for a new school year in September.  Enjoy!

10. Visit your local library where you vacation this summer.  Whether it's Bayfield, Ontario or Charlottetown, PEI, be sure to visit a new library this summer.  It's a great way to spend some time especially if the weather is less than optimal.

9. Join a Summer Reading Program.  The Burlington Public Library's theme for this year's Summer Reading Club is "Go Wild" and it runs from July 2nd to August 27th.  All of the details can be found on page 19 of the BPL's Summer Guide.  Check it out!

8. Visit the Find a Book section of the FM Library website in the Library Links section.  There is lots of great online content to be found here.

7. Checkout an ebook or audiobook through Overdrive.  Overdrive is running a Summer Reading Program that will allow simultaneous checkouts!

6. Check out a garage sale, flea market, or used book store.  These places can be treasure troves for inexpensive, current books.

5. Check out Hoopla on your favourite device. Use your Burlington Library card to sign out music, books, and even movies.

4.  Get together with your BFF (Best Friend Forever) and trade a book with them.  Who knows, you might find out an author you never know before!

3.  Check out HDSB Library Services Summer Reading List.  This list is treasure trove of fantastic titles for younger students.

2.  Use the FM Library catalogue to find an award winning book.  Just click the "Search the FM Library">"Award Winners".  Forest of Reading, Newbery and the CLA Book of the Year for Children winners can be found here.

1.  Start a new book series to keep you going all summer long.  Did you know there are well over 100 Rainbow Magic Fairy books?  The "Time Warp Trio" series of book is a perennial favourite for boys.

I hope that everyone has a safe, fun, and adventure filled summer and remember KEEP READING :)